Heart Health Center
Welcome to the Heart Health Center from the American Heart Association. This center will help you and your family improve your health and prevent future heart problems. Whether you’re a patient, a family member or a friend of someone with heart disease, you can learn and benefit from this center.

To get started, we recommend you begin with the Building a Healthy Future section using the links below. Or, if you prefer, you can select an area that interests you by clicking a link in the main menu on the left side of every page.

Taking Care of Yourself: What Is Most Important?
Building a better future is a partnership between you and your healthcare team. The three goals introduced in this section will help you to become an active partner in your health.

Know Your Treatment Goals
A key to managing your condition is working with your doctor to understand your treatment goals make sure you are taking the appropriate actions and medicines to help reach your goals.

Know the Symptoms You Need to Act On
It’s important to recognize and respond to symptoms quickly. This section will help you recognize the symptoms of angina, heart attack and stroke and how to respond.

Make a Plan For Getting Help in an Emergency
Your early response to symptoms may prevent an emergency; you and your loved ones will feel more prepared if you work out a plan for getting help if you need it.

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